Our sponsors and supporters

Our Supporters


The annual German-Russian Young Leaders Conference is a private, non-profit, politically independent, non-partisan initiative driven by an honorary committee of volunteers. In order to ensure that our work continues to be independent, we rely on the support of our sponsors. Our partners over the past years have been invaluable in the pursuit of our goal to foster relationships and mutual understanding between our countries. If you, too, would like to contribute to strengthening the German-Russian dialogue, we would be thrilled to win you as a partner.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us (please use our contact form on the Web site).

Our sponsors and supporters …

  • … contribute to our noncommercial and independent project aiming at the development of Russian-German relationships
  • … strengthen their company’s position on an international stage
  • … expand their brand awareness
  • … gain access to our network of exceptional and prominent young leaders
  • … are given the ability to contribute to the development of their employees by employee participation in the conference
  • … can dialog with the young leaders, gain new ideas, inspiration, and perspectives through dialog and interacting with participants, experts, and representatives of other companies and institutions
  • … are exposed to a pool of potential leading-edge employees, useful contacts, and business partners.