Circle of Friends

Our Circle of Friends was established in 2014 in order to secure the sustainability of the German-Russian Young Leaders Conference and its alumni network as well as to pave the way for the development of additional German-Russian exchange formats. If you would like to join the Circle of Friends, please contact us. Our Chairman, Christoph Oldenburg, will be happy to personally discuss the details with you.


Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,
The German-Russian Young Leaders Conference was launched in 2009 on the initiative of students and young professionals to foster the exchange and establish relations between the next generation of decision makers from Germany and Russia. Year after year, the initiative gained more and more support from stakeholders from business, politics, and civil society. Nowadays, it provides the largest platform for German-Russian interaction at the level of civil society. In times of crisis, it is important to maintain channels of communication and to strive for an open dialog, especially with regard to touch points. Therefore, the Russian-German Youth Exchange Year 2016/17 was announced to further develop the relations between both countries. Thus, the sustainability of the network is ensured, and the exchange will be further intensified. In order to realize this project and to establish the long-term format of the project, the initiative is dependent on support.

That is why, in 2014, I initiated the Circle of Friends of the German-Russian Young Leaders Conference. This is a nonprofit sponsoring organization that needs a solid financial base aimed at reducing time and resource spending for fundraising every year. The members of the Circle of Friends …

  • … contribute significantly to the professionalization and the development of the initiative
  • … are regularly informed about the work of the association
  • … can help shape the initiative regarding content and structure.

I believe we will benefit from the future of German-Russian relations; therefore, I would like to ask you for your support.


Alexander von Bismarck